Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the age limit to attend classes?
14 years old is the minimum age to attend classes at Glow

What's the difference between drop-in classes VS courses?
The courses we offer at Glow have a set schedule, for example: 
Certified Makeup Artist Course is conducted every Friday, from 9am-2pm (5 hours) for 10 weeks. 
It is highly encouraged that students do not miss any days from the course, after 2 absences, students will be dropped & need to re-start the program + pay any fees for re-enrollment. 
A drop-in class is for students who want to attend Glow but don't have the ability to commit to a set schedule.
Drop-in Technique classes are 1 hour (lecture + demo)
Drop-in Practical classes are 2 hours (hands on practice)
After 50 hours of technique + practical drop in classes, students are eligible for a Certificate. A final will need to be scheduled in order to obtain a Certificate. 

Do you need a license to do makeup?
There is no such thing as a license to apply makeup. It is highly encouraged to attend formal training, so that you're well educated in sanitation, application, and artist etiquette. 

Where can I find dates/times/promos?
We regularly post on our instagram, please keep an eye out for promos- as they are limited & cannot be honored after the expiration date.