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Business of Makeup- 1 on 1 with Roxanne

Business of Makeup- 1 on 1 with Roxanne

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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Potential in the Beauty Industry with a Personalized 1-on-1 Masterclass

Transform Your Passion for Beauty into a Thriving Business Venture

Are you an aspiring beauty entrepreneur or an established business owner seeking to elevate your brand and achieve unprecedented success in the dynamic and ever-evolving beauty industry? Our exclusive 1-on-1 Masterclass is designed to provide you with the personalized insights, actionable strategies, and expert guidance you need to transform your passion for beauty into a flourishing business enterprise.

Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs and Goals

Unlike generic business seminars or online courses, our 1-on-1 Masterclass offers an unparalleled level of customization, ensuring that your learning experience is tailored to your specific business needs, aspirations, and market positioning. Whether you're launching your first beauty venture or seeking to expand your existing business, our expert mentor will provide a comprehensive and personalized roadmap for success.

Immerse Yourself in a Strategic Business Transformation

Our 5-hour Masterclass provides an immersive learning experience that encompasses all aspects of building a successful beauty business. You'll receive:

    • Personalized Business Assessment: A thorough 30-minute evaluation of your current business strategy, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

    • 2 Hours of Strategic Business Planning: Engage in an intensive 2-hour one-on-one session to develop a customized business plan, encompassing market analysis, target audience definition, unique selling propositions, and effective marketing strategies.

    • Branding and Positioning: Gain valuable insights into crafting a compelling brand identity that resonates with your target audience, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive beauty landscape.

    • Financial Management and Profitability: Master the art of financial management and profitability analysis, ensuring your business is financially sound and poised for sustainable growth.

    • Sales and Marketing Strategies: Develop effective sales and marketing strategies tailored to the beauty industry, including digital marketing, social media engagement, influencer marketing, and customer relationship management.

Comprehensive Support for Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Whether you're looking to create a course, rebrand your business, or establish a solid action plan for your new venture, Roxanne has you covered. Our comprehensive 1-on-1 Masterclass includes:

    • Getting to Know You, Your Brand, and Your Business: A dedicated one-hour session to delve into your unique brand, business goals, and aspirations, establishing a strong foundation for your learning journey.

    • IG/Website/Branding Audit: A comprehensive one-hour audit of your Instagram, website, and overall branding, providing valuable insights into areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance your online presence.

    • Business Plan Development: A 1.5-hour session dedicated to crafting a personalized business plan that aligns with your specific goals and market position, providing a roadmap for your business's growth and success.

    • Action Plan Strategizing and Creation: A 1.5-hour session to collaboratively strategize and create a detailed action plan, outlining actionable steps, timelines, and measurable objectives to propel your business forward.

    • **Homework & ** Dedicated check-ins at weeks 1, 2, and 3 to ensure you're on track, provide personalized feedback, and offer additional support as needed.

    • 4-Week Revisit & Check-In: A comprehensive 4-week revisit and check-in to assess your progress, address any challenges, and celebrate your accomplishments, ensuring you're on the path to achieving your business goals.


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